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18 Jun

June 18

Not much happening today. This cell blew up after it passed by here and died shortly after.

16 Jun

June 16

Waiting by the Red Deer river west of Innisfail, for the goods to arrive. Secret weather forecast called for plenty of shear today. Good call… there was to be plenty of it.

15 Jun

June 15

Innisfail got a good soaking today just before we arrived to do some shopping.

14 Jun

June 14

Lots of spin today. Everywhere you looked, something was rotating. A bit warmer and we could have has some issues. I thought for sure I was going to see at tornado a few times today. A few funnels perhaps, but no tornadoes today.

13 Jun

June 13

A line of small thunderstorms formed up between here and Sylvan Lake this afternoon. It didn’t look like much on radar but i went out for a look anyway. Convection and subsidence were having a big fight and nobody was winning. Made for some interesting photos until subsidence won and cleared out the neigborhood.

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