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July 30

Should have gone south!
Was watching a supercell between Rocky and Drayton move due east for over an hour, but things were supposed to explode right here or just south, so I waited. Nothing was happening here so I headed north for Pigeon lake. When I got to Sylvan Lake I could see huge towers going up to the south……less than an hour later a tornado was reported near Crossfield. I carried on to the north, (with yesterday’s images of a big twisty wall cloud fresh in my mind) and by the time I got to Bentley, I could see a wall and tail cloud behind a hail/rain sheet. I thought for sure I had tagged annother Drayton Valley Express!. I had to pass under some inflow scud for 20 minutes or so, by the time I got a clear view on the west side of Gull lake, the cell had started to fall out, but there were some nasty looking bits so I stopped for a pic and carried on.

By the time I got up to Pigeon lake and a clear view of the backside, it had turned into a big rainbag and its guts fell out right there. Another cell was building from it’s ruins to the southeast over by Camrose but it was getting late so I called it a day. A poopy day :). Felt a bit better when I got home and saw that it died quick too.

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