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30 Aug

August 30

Lightning struck a Bergen area couple’s farmhouse on August 18. The Worobetz home and contents were a complete loss after a bolt hit the house between 7 and 8pm during an intense thunderstorm. The community has quickly rallied to help out, with an auction planned for Sept.8 at the Bergen Hall. An account has been […]

28 Aug

August 28

A total lunar eclipse began near 2 this morning. Just happened to be the coldest night of the summer here. Brr! The shots in this montage were taken between were taken between 3:07 and 3:56am. The second photo is at 4:28am, 50mm, f2.0, it was severe clear here last night, and the stars were just […]

27 Aug

August 27

Large hail fell across portions of southeast South Dakota Tuesday evening August 21, 2007. The small community of Dante, in southeast Charles Mix County, took a direct hit from the large hail. Most homes in Dante sustained considerable hail damage, with holes punched in almost every roof in town.

25 Aug

August 25

Not much to see today. There was a slight chance of a t-storm today as a low over southern BC spun a few waves across the rockies. Around 6pm a little system moved east from Rocky so I went over a few miles for a look. It had a bit of a shelf cloud so […]

23 Aug

August 23

Environment Canada issued a tornado watch just after noon today after they received reports of funnel clouds near Bowden. A cold front was rolling in slowly from the NW around 2pm so I went a few miles west to have a look. There were a few patches of rotation and some dangly bits, but no […]

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