Alberta Foothills Weather

August 23

Environment Canada issued a tornado watch just after noon today after they received reports of funnel clouds near Bowden. A cold front was rolling in slowly from the NW around 2pm so I went a few miles west to have a look.
There were a few patches of rotation and some dangly bits, but no funnels. A nice little treat to see some convection this late in the season. Forecast low of 1C tonight. My trick knee says it’s going to snow soon.

2 Responses to “August 23”

  1. 1
    brandon Says:

    i was up at my parents place in poplar ridge, and the outflow winds were freezing! too bad there wasnt any moisture in the air! things woulda been alot more fun…oh yeah, i forgot…its like october here now.

  2. 2
    Pat Boomer Says:

    I am looking at the sleds wondering if I should get them ready?
    What a beauty day today.

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