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28 Sep

September 28

We are forecast to get a snow/rain mix this evening, all day it has been feeling like it could snow. I was curious how this August/September compared to last year, so I put together this chart with hi/low temps and wind gusts for the past two years covering Aug1 to Sept.27. I was surprised to […]

26 Sep

September 26

A weak shortwave passed through from the NW this afternoon after 2pm, kicking up a few thunderstorms along the way. Nothing severe, but we did get a quick 10mm of rain and even some ice bits along with a stiff breeze for about an hour as it passed over. Radar showed what may have been […]

25 Sep

September 25

A small cold front moved through this afternoon, firing up a little line of thunderstorms out around Rocky. It was dying off on radar but I went out to meet it anyway around 4pm. There wasn’t much to see other than a weak shelf and some pretty virga/rainspatters. Everything faded away shortly after. Harvest moon […]

24 Sep

September 24

Big freeze this morning as we hit -3.1C(26F). Pushing to break 16C this afternoon and breezy. Brr! The giant pumpkin that never was, is toast. All the plants seem to have taken a hit to some degree. Last time we were this cold was back on April 12 when we also had a low of […]

20 Sep

September 20, partII

Just as I finished up posting the last post, a nice little shelf cloud came rolling in from the northwest, so I went a mile north and set up. Nice treat for the last day of summer! [Simple Popup Images unable to add image: no parameters given.] [Simple Popup Images unable to add image: no […]

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