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September 20, partII

Just as I finished up posting the last post, a nice little shelf cloud came rolling in from the northwest, so I went a mile north and set up. Nice treat for the last day of summer!

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Shelf cloud west of Red Deer, AB. Sept 20,2007

5 Responses to “September 20, partII”

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    brandon Says:

    i dont think this is a shelf cloud because i went to a shelf cloud link that a blogger posted on and his picture he took of a shelf cloud looked alot different than this. WOW! i think you got a funnel in that third picture and you didnt even know! take a look in the middle towards the left! i bet that was rotating so fast too! im sure this was tornado warned. i forecasted a 30-40% chance of storms today in alberta. good luck!
    hopefully you get my sarcasm…glad you got these shots since i didnt have my camera at work!!!

  2. 2
    PB Says:

    From Wiki:

    “A shelf cloud is a low, horizontal wedge-shaped arcus cloud, associated with a thunderstorm gust front (or occasionally with a cold front, even in the absence of thunderstorms). Unlike a roll cloud, a shelf cloud is attached to the base of the parent cloud above it (usually a thunderstorm). Rising cloud motion often can be seen in the leading (outer) part of the shelf cloud, while the underside often appears turbulent, boiling, and wind-torn.”

    It wasn’t an “Kansas in May” shelf, but still pretty good for this late here.

    What a treat it would be to get a nice fall thunderstorm today 🙂

  3. 3
    PB Says:

    I added the 3rd pic because of that little dingle, I was watching for cold funnels, and it does look like a funnel, but it wasn’t spinning and vaporized about 3 minutes after this shot.

  4. 4
    Rudie Says:

    Are you the P. Boomer who graduated from Onalaska High School in Wisconsin? Please write back if so, from a high school friend….


  5. 5
    PB Says:

    Hi Debbie.
    Sorry, I’m not the P.Boomer you are thinking of.
    Alberta born and raised here 🙂

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