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20 Sep

September 20

Just got back from a little vacation in Waterton Lakes National Park, and it looks like it was pretty nice here while we were gone. Interesting weather they have down there in the southwest corner of Alberta. We had beautiful clear skies for the trip down, but it was very smoky which cut down on […]

12 Sep

September 11

Beautiful sunny day here today, hitting27C at 3pm. A cold front passed through from the NW after 6pm this eve, bringing mostly rain. I went out west a few miles to meet what looked on radar like a gust front moving in from the Rocky area. There was a weak shelf cloud to the west […]

08 Sep

September 8

Yesterday was a beautiful day for cloud watching, but we had other plans and didn’t get a chance to go out for a look. Today was even better. Around 1pm the first popcorns started up and within an hour the sky was full of billowing cumulonimbus, the show continued all afternoon. I don’t think anything […]

07 Sep

September 7

I guess I wasn’t paying attention to how fast the winter darkness is coming. Seems like only weeks ago it was light out at 11pm, this shot of auroras was at 10:25 last night and it had been pitch black for half an hour already with no moon. A lot of dust/smoke in the air […]

07 Sep

September 6

Today started with a few rumbles of thunder around 9am. Around 9C at the time. Mid afternoon, a few little cells popped up west of Rocky and started tracking southeast, so I went out for a look. They were doing ok out in the foothills, but rapidly fell apart as soon as they got out […]

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