Alberta Foothills Weather

October 28

Nothing very interesting in the forecast as the jetstream has straightened out and is only passing weak ridge/trough patterns over the west. The GEM model suggests we might get a sprinkle Monday night, and again Thursday night, but nothing serious. The nights are certainly cooling off, hanging around -5 this week. Now there is ice on the dog water.
A warm ridge pushed in late on the 26th, creating a temperature inversion along the foothills and magnifying our view of the Rockies to more than double size in about an hour right around sunset. Had to run out for a snap.

Comet 17P/Holmes is an interesting object. It looks quite good in binoculars, and the shot below was taken with only a 300mm lens. Spaceweather reports that it now appears larger than Jupiter! We were clouded in last night, hopefully it will clear off at some point tonight so we can get another look at it.

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