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January 29

Monday was very cold. Not much else one can say about it. We didn’t get above -30(-22F) and the windchill stayed below -40 most of the day. It was a nice day to stay in the house, a venture outside after noon for a look around lasted about 4 minutes.
The wicked north wind finally died off here around 6pm.. for about 6 hours, before it started up again from the south and now we have a fresh windchill warning for southwest Alberta. Still on the rise as I type, SSE 25Gust50 at -27C, windchill-42.
A low pushing into BC is crunching up against the huge dome of high pressure over Alberta, and may warm us up a few degrees along the foothills, but now we get the even nastier south wind along the squashed isobars for the next few days.

The GFS model forecast 7 days ago for today’s temperatures was very close indeed. Records fell as the entire province was below -30C this morning with half the sites reporting below -40 and windchills down to -55C(-67F)
From Environment Canada’s report this morning:

Those are without the windchill.
Some chill values from 2amMST:

Grande Prairie -55
High Prairie -53
Coronation -53
Edmonton -52
Fort Chip -54
Manning -52
Schuler -50
Bodo -50

The GFS is calling for a another arctic push for Saturday-Monday before a warmup back to seasonal temps or better on Tuesday. We could get a sprinkle of snow tomorrow and another for Friday, but nothing big showing for the next week.

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4 Responses to “January 29”

  1. 1
    brandon Says:

    it will be nice to see those isobars spread out for a change…long range still has lows of -30 for the next few days…

  2. 2
    PB Says:

    It is just nasty out there. That wind can bugger off any time.
    RUC forecast surface temps tomorrow morning in Saskatchewan are gruesome.
    Colder than here last night?

  3. 3
    Rachel Perry Says:

    Hello…Thanks for the nice read, keep up the interesting posts about edmonton canada..what a nice Sunday .

  4. 4
    Rachel Perry Says:

    Hi…Man i love reading your blog, interesting posts ! it was a great Friday .

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