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February 16

Hot today!

Amazing temperatures for the middle of February. Red Deer broke it’s old record high of 8.4C when they made 10C this afternoon, we beat that by at least 2c out here, with our weather station reporting 14.4C at 4pm. Records fell all over the province today, with only the extreme north and east parts staying cool. A sample of busted records from Environment Canada:

The meagre bit of snow we got over the past few weeks took a big hit today, you could almost see the drifts sink this afternoon in the baking sunshine, anything that wasn’t crystal white was soup by noon.. our gravel road turned to mush.
Rather sad for the sledding conditions around here which were grim already, and looking at the forecast models we will be getting no help for a week at least. There may be no snow left by next weekend if the above nomal, melty temps shown in the forecast models hold up. Looking back at photos from last year, the little bit of snow we had was pretty much gone by March 15, a month from now.

The chinook conditions today made some folks happy, the students flying out of the flight school at YQF got some fun stuff to play in this afternoon, with west winds ripping along at 65 knots a few thousand feet up. Trudging along into the wind, they cut the throttle back to idle and surf for a minute, sitting nearly still in mid-air. Then back on the throttle and they slowly pull ahead like they are trying to get going on ice. Sure looked like they were having fun.

We are heading out to the foothills early tomorrow to scout out the best possible sled spot for the first sled trip out west of the season with Bag on Sunday. I haven’t heard any reports of snow amounts out there, so fingers are crossed for a few feet of it!

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