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30 Mar

March 30

Nothing too far from normal for this time of the year since the last post. Every morning we have had a skiff of snow that melted quickly and turned into puffy towers for the afternoons. A few shots of thundersnow reported in Airdrie and Drayton Valley but nothing here. Yesterday the north wind arrived as […]

27 Mar

March 27

The northern lights were out again last night, we have been in a moderate geomagnetic storm since the arrival of a coronal hole wind stream early yesterday. We missed the best part during the daylight hours and by the time it got dark the storm had calmed a bit, producing only a green glow the […]

25 Mar

March 25

Space weather was going to be my focus in this post, and I was just gathering up some images when a M-class flare erupted from our ever so sleepy sun at 18:36z, hitting M1.7 at 18:56 (12:56pmMST). I was about to scratch out something about the first two spots that appeared yesterday, 987 and 988, […]

20 Mar

March 20

Spring arrived in style today with a nice little convective explosion east of Red Deer this afternoon. Conditions came together suddenly at 1pm, with a few nice aggressive towering cumulus going up just east of Red Deer, then slowly moving east over the next few hours. By 3pm a line of 3 cells had begun […]

19 Mar

March 19

No precipitation yesterday, not a drop or a flake. A few nice cumulus right around home and some pretty virga, but nothing very exciting. Tower goes up, tower collapses on itself, repeat. Still a nice treat for the last few hours of winter. Today looks similar, with slack flow and unstable air. I can see […]

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