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March 13

More warm since last post, well above normals of +2/-9. The only snow left anywhere around here is in the shade. Everything has pretty much dried out, gravel roads are dusty and the fields are mostly dry already. The Red Deer river is wide open. That sure wasn’t much of a winter!

The last kick at the cat that was lined up for the weekend doesn’t look very scary at all. The big push of cold air doesn’t look like it’s going to make it as far south as the GFS had initially forecast, but should still give us a quick blast on Sunday before getting pushed off into Saskatchewan. As far as precip goes, it’s anybody’s guess. None of the models agree on what’s going to happen between now and Sunday, but the temperatures will be the key, hovering right around the freezing mark.
Rain or goose feathers? Or nothing?

One week to till spring.

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8 Responses to “March 13”

  1. 1
    Anthony Lowry Says:

    Listening to early morning news out of Calgary ( E.Canada eastern generated forecast) and they are saying Heavy Flurries at times ( don’t heea heavy flurries much. Anyway could be 5-10 cm this morning where flurries occur. All I see is a lot of stars out there. Radar shows a few flurries around Vulcan. Maybe they’re talking about those heavy flurries generated by spring heated cumulonimbus clouds which can pile up fast in local areas, otherwise I don’t know where its coming from. If we get that accumulation it’ll be a mid – late afternoon event. Please just some moisture. Theres a friggin fire ban in MD of Rockyview issued 10 March, earliest in 15 years.

  2. 2
    PB Says:

    Yep I dunno what’s going to happen. It’s +2 here, YQF reporting light snow but none out here 8 miles west.

    Special weather statement has been issued:

    WOCN15 CWWG 141655
    Updated special weather statement issued for regions of southern
    Alberta by Environment Canada at 10:54 AM MDT Friday 14 March 2008.

    Special weather statement issued for..
    Airdrie – Cochrane – Olds – Sundre
    Okotoks – High River – Claresholm
    Drumheller – Three Hills
    Brooks – Strathmore – Vulcan
    Cardston – Fort Macleod – Magrath
    Crowsnest Pass – Pincher Creek – Waterton Park
    Nordegg – Forestry Trunk Road Highway 734
    Rocky Mountain House – Caroline
    Red Deer – Ponoka – Innisfail – Stettler.

    Special weather statement ended for..
    City of Calgary
    Kananaskis – Canmore
    Banff National Park.

    An upper disturbance is slowly moving into southern Alberta.
    Areas near Pincher Creek and Crowsnest Pass had snow earlier
    This morning. At the moment radar indicates a developing band of
    snow just east of Calgary from Brooks to near Red Deer then north
    north westward. For now general snowfall amounts are expected be in
    the 2 to 4 centimetres range. However along this band intense snow
    is possible producing local heavier amounts of 5-10 centimetres.
    This afternoon portions of the foothills may also see developing and
    slow moving convective snow which could generate local amounts of
    5-10 centimetres of snow as well. This weather pattern will
    Continue to be monitored closely.

    Some thundersnow would be a bonus 🙂

  3. 3
    brandon Says:

    sunny and +6 today at Panther River…[intersection of the forestry trunk road and the coal camp south-west of Sundre]

  4. 4
    Kenny Says:

    Hmm…Another thing is, Thunderstorms are possible on Wednesday around the Whitecourt area, and north in a well I would say pretty widespread area. The storm flow is at a southeasterly way, so Edmonton and surrounding areas could see some Weak Thunderstorms. It looks like also between Edmonton and just south of Wetaskiwin could be getting in on the action too. Too bad the thing isn’t shifted a little more south, or you could be in the chance for those too PB.

    Then again, this is a few days out, a lot could chance from now and wednesday.

  5. 5
    Anthony Lowry Says:

    Saturday Evening 9pm

    Finally seen some snow overnight Friday, approx 5 cm, but prettey much melted by 4pm. Snow started up at 7 :30 Sat Evening again and theres 2 cm on ground 2 hours later. Never dreamed I ‘d be so moved by a few cm of snow 🙂 Maybe tomorrow we pick up some accumulations, those out west will probably see more.


  6. 6
    Kenny Says:

    Hmm forgot to say this but, Pat..Don’t rely on any convective precip on cells that are in the BC Interior moving towards you. You won’t get any Thunder snow because the Mountains kill the convection..I hate that it does that, but hey! I’m still happy cause theres that Thunderstorm potential Wednesday.

  7. 7
    brandon Says:

    hey kenny….
    where are you getting your information from!? i was glancing at a few models, and i dont see any thunderstorm activity in the coming days. with lows still dropping down to the -10’s in some areas, i cant see any instabilty and moisture happening.
    we’ll see i suppose!

  8. 8
    Kenny Says:

    Brandon, if you looked at COD, GFS and look at the Lift, it was in the -2 to -3 range. CAPE values were just under 500. Unfortunately, the Thunderstorm chance dropped because there is no lift, and very little CAPE. Temperatures were warm and moist from the Gulf of Mexico. All in all, theres still time and we could still see thunderstorms, but right now the chance of them happening would be 0.00123/100.

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