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March 16

Snow, I shall miss thee.
The last bits of winter rolled thru early this morning, covering everything with a nice coat of sticky snow. We got ~5cm here and it looked like they got more to the southwest. Again.
After picking up a cm or two of flakes friday night, we headed out towards the James river north of Sundre Saturday morning to see how they fared. Only a few miles west of here the snow cover thickened up and by the time we got out to James river bridge there was 15cm on the ground. The fluff came with no wind, so every bit of the landscape was draped in a thick blanket of white, it looked like a mountain snow out there. Everything was so warm and dry before the snow that the highways were already dry only a few hours after the snow stopped.

Today was the coldest day we have had since February 11, only getting up to -5 at 10pm, after dropping to -14C this morning from 8-11am. We haven’t even had a daily low temp of -14 since Feb.11.
The rotten north wind that came with the cold gave us a bit of a break for mid day before switching around to the south and ramping back up again for the afternoon and evening. It is just starting to fall off again now.

This snow should be gone quickly, it appears we are in for normal or above temps(+3/-9) for foreseeable future. Plenty of moisture pouring across the Rockies this week, maybe it will warm up enough to welcome the arrival of spring with a rumble. Again the GFS has something big and nasty looking headed for us at the edge of it’s view, another intrusion of arctic air crashing into another juicy low from BC around the 25th of March. Will it still have teeth in a few days? We had a good cold shot in the first week of April last year, anything is probable around here.

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3 Responses to “March 16”

  1. 1
    Anthony Lowry Says:

    Hey there

    Sounds as though you received just about what we did in Airdrie. That Sundre area is a beautiful area. What a pitiful winter we have had ( for snowlovers ) that is. Do you have any data on how we have compared to last year ( % wise ) as far as snow fall goes, for say Red Deer / Calgary / Edmonton , etc….. MY guess for my area here best I can tell is we are only 60%. I know a couple Alberta Environment hydrologists that say the eastern slopes (up in the snow pillows) are close to 100% or prettey close to normal. Take care

  2. 2
    Kenny Says:

    I would say here in Edmonton were about 50% and last year we were about 30% of normal precip this winter. The fact is, this year we’ve only had a total snow cover of about 20 cm, and normal is 40..Last year by mid march everything was gone..actually, we had brown grass around February.

    Also, I was just randomly clicking some hrs on the GFS and happened to come across a pretty big area of Thunderstorm chances for next Wednesday in Edmonton and north of here, and southeastern Alberta near Medicine hat and north of there including parts of southwest Saskatchewan. Overall southwestern Alberta has more of a chance for thunderstorm development, but I say even we could get a weak storm around here. It’s very unusual for thunderstorms this early in the year, I mean there was storms in northern Alberta and southeastern Alberta last Tuesday. I can’t imagine what this summer has in store for us.

  3. 3
    PB Says:

    We had no snow cover to speak of around here, less than 10cm at most, which is half of average according to this site:
    This was the first year in many that we couldn’t get the sleds out for a rip across the fields. Not enough snow. Yet.

    What a beaut of a day out there again. +7 at YQF, +8 here. The new snow is almost gone.
    I’d love to get a T-shower or some thundersnow this week, that would be a bonus. Lots of moisture coming across, looks like a few little clippers spinning up, ya never know.

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