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March 18

WOCN16 CWWG 181638
Updated special weather statement issued for regions of northern
Alberta by Environment Canada at 10:38 AM MDT Tuesday 18 March 2008.

Special weather statement issued for..
Drayton Valley – Devon – Rimbey – Pigeon Lake
Leduc – Camrose – Wetaskiwin – Tofield.

Along with robins, longer days and mud puddles, spring also
Brings unstable airmasses. We will see an unstable airmass develop
over southern and central Alberta today. It is even possible that
We may see a lightning strike.

This afternoon some scattered showers are likely to develop across
southern Alberta and then get organized into a line of
Precipitation later this evening. The showers will eventually change
to snow as temperatures cool.

Right now it looks like the areas most likely to be affected is the
Leduc and Drayton Valley regions. The nature of these systems is to
give a fairly narrow, but intense band of precipitation – so some
areas within these regions could get very little, while some areas
receive 5 to 10 cm of snow overnight.

The system will move out of the province on Wednesday.

6 Responses to “March 18”

  1. 1
    Anthony Lowry Says:

    Seen my first gopher today……..rrrr! Was there not someone (last week on this webchat) discussing possible thundershower activity today or tomorrow and no one supporting his positions…??? You never know, but I’d love to get parked under a Thunderflurry. This afternoon that Corridor between Lethbridge and Calgary seeems to be active, but no lightening strikes detected. I think your area Pat may be more susceptible later this evening.


  2. 2
    Kenny Says:

    Models were showing possible Tshower activity for tomorrow, but I don’t think anymore. However, next Wednesday looks better for Tshower activity. More lift and moisture will be there, and it should be warm enough for a few lightning strikes… Too bad I’m in Edmonton and not around the bursts of convective precip tonight 🙁

  3. 3
    Kenny Says:

    Hold on, just checked the models, and it seems that Thursday there is actually a pretty decent chance for Tshowers South of Grand Prairie and a bit north of Hinton. And they look to be moving at an East/Southeast fashion. This could be my chance for some nice activity.

  4. 4
    brandon Says:

    bright and sunny here in red deer, with puffy cumulus clouds and some virga in the skies. hard to believe that 10cm of snow could fall. anthony…did you by any chance get photos of the supercells near airdrie/crossfield last last july. there was a report of a hose on the ground 16km west of crossfield…would love to see photos of those storms.

  5. 5
    Anthony Lowry Says:

    Unfortunately not, I remember the storm well though and there were reports of 2 or 3 in that vicinity. I live right on the north end of Airdrie, and a farmer I know that lives halfway between here and Crossfield had one touch down for a couple minutes about 2 km west of his house. I said “hurry and get the pictures over to me”, he said “we were so scared, pictures were the last thing on my mind!!” I said WHAT??

    Anyway thats a long version of (no I didn’t) . That actual touchdown I’m referring to was 8 km southwest of Crossfield, which places it about 6-8 km NNW of my house. It was EERIE even here for that 10 – 20 min period. We had about 3 or 4 close calls last summer. I’m a stormchaser at heart. In case you are wondering why I never got any shots, well my kids had misplaced my digital. I’m have no skill with a camera like you and Pat do. Looking forward to sharing some pics this summer, got a feeling its gonna be an active one.

    We don’t get the quantity of storms as the Olds, Sundre, RedDeer areas, but the nasty ones hit us from the NW and come from Bottrel/ Caroline areas.


  6. 6
    brandon Says:

    apologies for my mistake about the kilomerage! i was sure i heard 16kms…as far skill with the camera goes, im still learning-pats the man with skill haha. ill be chasing with the COD late may to early june in tornado alley, so you can imagine im looking forward to it. im going to try to learn everything i can while im there, and improve on my basic knowledge of forecasting, and learn everything i can about drylines, since almost every storm situation around here involves one. then apply all that knowledge here in july so we can get out and get some great photos.
    anyways…its looking to be another nice day out there…no snow fell here in red deer last night.
    take care guys…

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