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March 19

No precipitation yesterday, not a drop or a flake. A few nice cumulus right around home and some pretty virga, but nothing very exciting. Tower goes up, tower collapses on itself, repeat. Still a nice treat for the last few hours of winter. Today looks similar, with slack flow and unstable air. I can see a few puffs starting up out west as I type this.

Spring arrives tonight at 11:48pm MST.

Tomorrow looks like a better chance for a rumble as we have some goods pushing up from Washington and a south/southeast surface flow.

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7 Responses to “March 19”

  1. 1
    Kenny Says:

    I can’t wait for tomorrow Pat! I’ll be keeping an eye out WNW of me tomorrow! I hope some storms can move in or close to Edmonton, that way I can get some good pictures! Come visit our site at or click my name! 🙂

  2. 2
    brandon Says:

    NAVCAN showing precipitation along the foothills, and a TS icon west of YYC?? barely any clouds in the sky as i look out the window here in north red deer…

  3. 3
    PB Says:

    What a nice morning out there for the first day of spring!
    I don’t believe any models or forecasts today or tomorrow 🙂
    Hoping something will peel off the foothills later this aft.
    WRF has bailed out on the precip for 0z around here and our upslope winds may not pan out either. Water vapor loop showing some moisture inbound so we shall see.
    Not hard to see why mets pull their hair out trying to figure out what’s going to happen in western Alberta.

  4. 4
    Kenny Says:

    Well it’s the first day of spring and its beautiful! I can see some towering cumulus, in fact, I even saw some today in the early morning hours around 8:00 AM. Models show -3 lift around Edmonton and west, and Cape values are in the 600’s around Edmonton here. I find it really weird how EC or TWN say no chance of even showers for today…I’ll have my camera ready for anything exciting!

  5. 5
    brandon Says:

    BEAUTIFUL cu towers up east of red deer now…dont know if they will intensify further…havent looked at the models yet…

  6. 6
    Kenny Says:

    Theres towers around here too! Convection starting to form off the foothills!!! Everything is looking good right now, it will be at peak by 6:00 PM. I hope I see some activity, as Edmonton is in -2 to -3 lift index.

    Heres a photo of the towers up north of me.

  7. 7
    Anthony Lowry Says:

    Hey Pat

    Looks as though those showers are peeling off the foothills this evening but are stopping just shy and to the SW of ya. Need more heat and a few more dynamics.

    Remember good ol GFS, we were commenting a few days ago how this weekend had a nasty little system coming in?? HELLO GFS now its suppose to be 14 degrees!!

    I’m losing faith in GFS, or maybe we just don’t repect Mother Nature enough??
    Quiet evening here in Airdrie just some virga.

    Tonight we are heading out for Waterton for a couple of days…. never a dull moment there…ever. Take care, back Saturday night.

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