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March 27

The northern lights were out again last night, we have been in a moderate geomagnetic storm since the arrival of a coronal hole wind stream early yesterday. We missed the best part during the daylight hours and by the time it got dark the storm had calmed a bit, producing only a green glow the majority of the time, with a brief substorm here and there. Could be more to watch over the next few nights until we exit the stream, if the clouds can stay away.

Yesterday was nice and sunny, today started with a sprinkle of snow and a nippy south breeze. Now the sun is out and there is talk of thunderflurries south of Calgary and 10cm of snow for Drayton Valley tonight.
The weekend looks less than nice.
A big low coming in from Oregon is projected to head across Montana on Saturday and into Manitoba Sunday. As it passes to the south, the cold air that has been lurking just to the north of us makes a rush to fill the hole. As a result, Saturday looks like an inside day, with the wind blowing out of the north at a temperature we are not used to this March. EC is calling for a high of -2 for Saturday, but the GFS and WRF models are both suggesting colder than that. Sunday looks less windy, but not warm. The GFS has no real warmth lined up for us until Wednesday.

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One Response to “March 27”

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    Kenny Says:

    Yep it sure isn’t going to feel like spring here over the weekend 🙁 I can see the snow band creep up slowly NE towards Edmonton. Ahhh I slept in today and didn’t go to school..So I’m bored out of my mind. Pat, if you could…e-mail me when the northern lights are about to happen or something. I always miss them!!

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