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18 Mar

March 18

WOCN16 CWWG 181638 Updated special weather statement issued for regions of northern Alberta by Environment Canada at 10:38 AM MDT Tuesday 18 March 2008. Special weather statement issued for.. Drayton Valley – Devon – Rimbey – Pigeon Lake Leduc – Camrose – Wetaskiwin – Tofield. Along with robins, longer days and mud puddles, spring also […]

16 Mar

March 16

Snow, I shall miss thee. The last bits of winter rolled thru early this morning, covering everything with a nice coat of sticky snow. We got ~5cm here and it looked like they got more to the southwest. Again. After picking up a cm or two of flakes friday night, we headed out towards the […]

14 Mar

March 13

More warm since last post, well above normals of +2/-9. The only snow left anywhere around here is in the shade. Everything has pretty much dried out, gravel roads are dusty and the fields are mostly dry already. The Red Deer river is wide open. That sure wasn’t much of a winter! The last kick […]

11 Mar

March 10

Darling buds of March? The trees seem to think spring has arrived and most of them have started budding out over the past week, the pussywillows have been out for at least a week. Road bans were applied in Red Deer county this morning, just in time for the hottest day of the year so […]

09 Mar

March 8

Update March 9 – Click here to watch a 3.5mb time-lapse movie of the auroras over Alberta last night. It covers 1.5 hours from 8:30-10pm local time (3:30z-5z) and is composed of 316 shots of 15 sec. each, 3 per minute. A coronal hole solar wind stream packing an abnormally large batch of magnetic goodies […]

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