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April 6

Nothing very exciting here since the last post, but interesting to the north, south and west. Anthony sent in the first photo below of the scene Saturday morning in Airdire where they picked up 10cm of snow, and Brandon reported another foot of it west of Sundre in the foothills. Edmonton got anywhere from 4-10cm before a heavy snowfall warning went out towards Lloydminister for a swath of 20cm+. We got a few flakes and a sprinkle of ice pellets.

Environment Canada flashed the thunderstorm icon for the first time this year, for tomorrow afternoon. A few spots in the province have already gotten their first rumble of ’08, Didsbury got one last night and Rocky Mtn. House may have also.
I’m ready for a t-storm and some rain to wash the dust off everything. We almost got a taste today as a little red cell brewed up out near Caroline, but it fell apart before we got a drop out of it.
The week is a mess in the models again with a lazy western flow and lots of moisture coming across the mountains so perhaps we will get some rumblers all week. That would be a nice change.

April snow in Airdrie courtesy of Anthony Lowry - April 5/2008
Gleniffer Lake,AB - April 6/2008New calves soaking up the sun - April 6/2008
Almost the first thunder of 2008 - April 6/2008

3 Responses to “April 6”

  1. 1
    Kenny Says:

    Great picture of the storm Pat! I can’t wait to get rained on pretty darn good with some lightning! Tomorrow theres more convection off the foothills, and I have more of a risk of seeing a thundershower than I did today. I hate Calgary seeing how they have the risk again tomorrow afternoon and evening.

    Also, have you seen the GFS? It’s insane!! Temperatures up to 20 is possible here in Edmonton! It’s going to be very warm! According to a friend who forecasts the weather and has this Monthly outlooked model thing called the UJEAS, this is what Alberta is in for in April.

    ”Warm up this weekend into next week, then a cool down in 2 weeks, and severe thunderstorms in late April.” Is it right? We will have to find out!

  2. 2
    Anthony Lowry Says:

    In response to Kenny

    I have heard we are in for a big blocking highpressure over the Western U. S and the Canadaian Rockies from 12 th – 18th with highs in the 16-17C area which means even warmer for Edmonton as they warm up quicker once there snow is gone. Don’t see much chance of any unstability though….blah as Pat says. The last 10 -12 days is suppose to be prettey chilly as well as early May, which may just mean more snow….geesh what a country!!!!


  3. 3
    Kenny Says:

    Haha, guess you were wrong Anthony! Thunderstorms here in Edmonton as well as Alberta today and tomorrow! I’ma ready! Just going to charge up my batterie now!

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