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April 15

After enjoying a nice chinook and almost hitting the 20C mark on Sunday, we have been in a cool north flow of boring spring weather. A few popcorns here and there, a bit of snow down in Lethbridge this morning, but nothing really worth mentioning.

That is about to change by the look of things.
The GFS and GEM forecast models both agree that we are in for a winter blast over the next week. Forecast to start Friday morning, the GEM is suggesting 20-30 cm of snow here and for Calgary with up to 40cm in the foothills by Monday morning. The GFS has most of the precip for us arriving after this, so it will be interesting to see what the next few model runs have to say. The temperatures they are suggesting are something I’m not looking forward to, the GFS says nothing above ZERO C between Friday noon and noon next Wednesday.

Everything seems a bit overcooked for me, and I won’t be surprised if the models back off a bit or a bunch, but I’d still take that blizzard I’ve been waiting for since 2006. It is crispy dry around here and the moisture is certainly needed.
3 feet please.

Wave cloud - Altocumulus lenticularis- over western Alberta - April 13/2008
Wave cloud - Altocumulus lenticularis- over western Alberta - April 13/2008GOES Infrared showing lee wave cloud April 13,2008 20z
GEM 144 hour forecast accumulated precip to 6am Monday April 21/2008

One Response to “April 15”

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    Anthony Lowry Says:

    Great cloud formation Pat, wild. Is a dryline another word for Chinook arch, I think there similar. My relatives down by Raymond, just out of Lethbridge said they had 3/10 of an unch of rain and a couple inches of snow. They had lots of snow back in Jan and Feb bur none the last 2 months so they needed it. As for those model runs I have one word, okay two words. 1. hope… 2.hmmmmmmm? Once burned, twice shy. Have a good one.

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