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April 17

Just got back from day two of a spring tour of the Alberta foothills from Ya Ha Tinda to Cadomin, with what could possibly be a historic spring prairie storm chasing us home. Still lots of snow up in the higher elevations and lots of mud to play in.

I’ve been semi-joking about wanting 3 feet of the white stuff, and now it looks like somebody is gonna get it. A heavy snowfall warning was issued this morning for the foothills and I expect the rest of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan will be added soon. Will be interesting to see where the first blizzard warning pops up.
Snow started to the west about 4z(10pm), is intensifying and starting to move east now.
Too bagged to look at all the models tonight but I did check out the GEM, expecting to see it had backed off on the incoming moisture… it sure hasn’t. Instead it has moved the deep stuff around a bit and we are now sitting in the 40-70cm colors for total precipitation from now to Tuesday night. But that’s just roughly based on a 10:1 snow/water ratio. If they are big airy monster flakes it could stack up to more? Monday looks like the big dump day so far.

Last year we got 20cm of big fluffy flakes on April 18 and a 3 day drop down to +3.

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4 Responses to “April 17”

  1. 1
    SK Says:


    I have seen the Environment Canada Global – GEM models as well as the Regional models. In this post you have a much higher resolution image than I have seen before. Where do you get this type of model image?

  2. 2
    Kenny Says:

    Incredible that some areas could see up to 80 cm of snow! I think here in Edmonton, we will only see a total of about 30 cm by Tuesday. This will really help with more moisture and end the drought we’ve been having. The massive snow melt when temperatures bump back up to the 10’s will cause some serious flooding.

    Anything else to add to what I’ve said Pat?

  3. 3
    PB Says:

    Tough to say what the heck is up haha
    We have about 6cm on the ground and have perhaps had 10-12cm fall.
    The sun almost made it out a while ago, but it looks like some goodies are on the way up for tonight.
    Was just surfing around the AMA Alberta road cams to see what’s up – A lot of the province has been covered with snow.


  4. 4
    Kenny Says:

    Yeah we have about 6 cm here too. Some of it melted this afternoon even though our high was only about -7 or -8.

    We have live cam up from here in Edmonton. To view it click my name, and on the side in the ”Quick Links” section Click where it says *NEW* Live camera. Can’t wait to see what unfolds tomorrow, most of the heavy snow should occur in the late afternoon/early evening hours through Monday into Tuesday.

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