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April 20

Real winter has returned to Alberta. Cold, windy, snowy. Numerous weather warnings, blizzard warnings, and winter storm watches to the south and east since the last post, but have heard no real big weather stories so far.
Light snow started here Friday night, continued all day yesterday with occasional heavy bits, and it’s still snowing pretty good now with a nasty northwest wind. Looking at conditions around the province there are many spots reporting -10C at noon, many others with windchills in the -20 range. We have close to 10cm on the ground, most of it arriving last night and this morning. To the south, the snow piled up a bit more Friday night and Saturday, with reports coming out of the chatroom of 45cm near Waterton , 20cm in 5 hours at Pincher Creek, and 20cm in Calgary.
Watching the AMA highway cameras over the past few days as the storm progressed has been very interesting, today they are showing the entire province getting snow. Yesterday it was brown in Lloydminister and Oyen, today they are covered.
All the best goodies are now forecast to miss us to the northeast tomorrow and instead dump on Edmonton and Cold Lake, but after watching the models and forecasts try to deal with this mess for the past few days, I will not be surprised to see a good amount here. Edmonton was supposed to miss out on this whole thing while Regina got buried under 3 feet, and now it’s the other way around.

It’s all good, we can use the moisture.

Collection of AMA highway cams from southern Alberta - April 19/2008
April winter storm in Alberta, west of Red Deer - April 20/2008April winter storm in Alberta, west of Red Deer - April 20/2008
Banjo tearing up the fresh April snow west of Innisfail,AB - April 20/20089cm of snow by Sunday morning April 20/2008

3 Responses to “April 20”

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    Kenny Says:

    Mwahahaha!! We needed all this and we got it! One problem is..This weekend temperatures are expected to bump back into the teens and low 20’s which will cause some major flooding in areas. This is going to be good for the grass..but will be dangerous to possibly damaging homes and flooding many basements.

  2. 2
    Alberta Foothills Weather » Blog Archive » January 20 Says:

    […] bad. Ah well, it is January.. let’s get the cold over with so we don’t have to do it in April […]

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    Alberta Foothills Weather » Blog Archive » April 19 Says:

    […] Not much to complain about since the last post, typical spring weather around here. Wind from the north, wind from the south, not real warm, mostly westerly flow keeping us dry and wavy. Plenty of mountain wave action going on for the past few days, a nice arch on the 17th, and some nifty rainbow laced lenticulars this afternoon stacking up on the edge of a big ridge of high pressure moving in. This big ridge is forecast to crank up the temperatures over the next few days around here as it squashes across the nortwestern states, EC is calling for 22C here by Tuesday. It will be interesting to see what they get to down south. The big crash comes Wednesday sometime as a low passes to the north and drops a cold front down across here sometime after noon Wednesday. All the models have been flopping big time on this one, the timing, the precip amounts and locations, and the duration of the event. The one area that has been forecast to get a foot of white stuff the whole time is west of here in the foothills. Yesterday, Calgary was also in line for 30cm of snow by Thursday night, now they are backing off a bit. This could wind up being a big snow event from Crowsnest to the Cypress hills, but it’s really going to have to go hard to accumulate after 3 days of 25C and sun on dry brown earth. Not looking like we are going to get anything but wind here. April 20 marked the return of winter last year. […]

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