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April 24

After being stuck in the yard since Monday, the grader came along today and opened up the road this afternoon. Even with the temperatures hanging around the freezing mark yesterday, most places where there were only a few cm of snow have melted off already, leaving only the big drifts which also sank quite a bit over the past few days. There were still a few 3-4 footers on our road to the south when a 4×4 came chewing through at the perfect time, just as I was out for a stroll with the hounds.

It didn’t take much of a tour around the area to find some monstrous snowdrifts still plugging up the roads. Some real traffic stoppers out there. The ditches are full of hard snow, but most of the fields have only a few cm of cover, and the tilled ones are back to black already.

As I type there is another patch of crud moving in from the west. Not much is expected for precip but whatever flakes do fall won’t matter much as the weekend forecast now has us warming up nicely and all this white stuff will disappear quickly.

Giant April snowdrift west of Innisfail,AB - April 24/2008
April snowdrifts west of Red Deer,AB - April 24/2008April snowdrifts west of Red Deer,AB - April 24/2008
April snowdrift blasting near Markerville,AB - April 24/2008County grader clears the remnants of April winter storm west of Red Deer, AB - April 24/2008

8 Responses to “April 24”

  1. 1
    Anthony Says:

    Hello Pat

    I recall you saying you were ready for a 3 footer storm or something along those lines.from the looks of your access road you got IT!! A 4 footer 🙂 Anthony

  2. 2
    Kenny Says:

    After all that winter weather, I’m glad spring is finally back to hopefully stay. I’m also liking Monday even more with a pretty decent Thundershower chance around Edson. about 800 CAPE values(was 1172 yesterday) -4 lift, dew points around 45-50 and temperatures around 15 degrees will aid with the convection. I hope this happens and moves east towards me, because with all this warm weather and nothing happening turning to cold wintry weather and back to warm boring weather is really starting to bug me.

  3. 3
    PB Says:

    Nice day out there today. Snow is disappearing quickly and the road is now dry.
    Next week looks interesting.
    Wed/Thur/Fri back to winter again?
    I’m ready for some rumblers!

  4. 4
    SK Says:

    Here in South-Eastern Manitoba we saw 5 to 20cm of snow today (Saturday). I only got 5cm, but it snowed all day and was VERY windy (N 50 G 70). Lots of blowing snow, by tomorrow it will all be gone. It looks like Southern Manitoba will return to Spring this week as well. The GFS is pointing towards another cold blast late next week, just in time for the weekend. I am hopeful that the GFS is just making up stories like it usually does in the long-range.

    I was reading the Canadian Farmer’s Almanac and thought you might like to read this excerpt:

    May 8th-11th Severe thunderstorms for Rockies: some storms may be accompanied by damaging winds, vivid lightning, drenching downpours and large hail. Wet weather over Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

    Looks like another two weeks and you may get your first big storms, the almanac never lies? I’m glad you liked the pictures of the ice!

  5. 5
    Kenny Says:

    Haha been well aware of that for a few months now Scott. Really hoping they’re right for this one because I need relief with great storms soon. I have a lot of stress going on right now with personal stuff in my crappy life, and thunderstorms would make it a lot better, especially in the situation I’m currently in, and have been the past 2 months.

  6. 6
    Anthony Says:

    Farmers Almanac???? Sorry I’ve always been a doubter on that one, but hey long range GFS had to go out 2 or 4 months they’d be worse. Unless its within 120hrs I can’t lose any sleep over it!! But hey lets hope for the 8th – 11 th of May.

  7. 7
    brandon Says:

    tornado alley USA in 31…woo hoo! haha id like to see the farmers almanac prediction come true, but im with anthony on this one. all the snow im my backyard melted this afternoon…beautiful day out there. great sunset as well tonight.

  8. 8
    Daniel Says:

    I read similar article also named April 24, and it was completely different. Personally, I agree with you more, because this article makes a little bit more sense for me

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