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May 1

Goodbye April, I’m glad you are over with.

May Day was pretty nice here, reaching for 20C, a lot nicer than the 5C we were forecast to be.
The moisture didn’t make it much futher south than the Edmonton area and the cold air that was expected didn’t show up either. A bit of wind and a few drops of rain were all we got here and about the most exciting thing I have seen since the last post was a faint sun halo this afternoon. Ah well, May is always a better month for interesting weather around here anyway.
The next two days look stagnant, but maybe a rumble for Sunday afternoon?

Sun halo over western Alberta - May 1/2008Carvel radar 24hr accumulated precip to 6pm April30/2008
2007-2008 April home weather station results comparison

3 Responses to “May 1”

  1. 1
    Kenny Says:

    Whoa Pat..When did you catch that major thing on the Edmonton radar?!?!?! Was that like 2 days ago or last summer? Rumble on Sunday?? I thought it would be late day today/tonight but I hope something gets going Sunday. It’s finally May and storm season has officially started, all we need now are those storms to get going.

  2. 2
    Kenny Says:

    Oops haha..I read the legend wrong. It’s rainfall totals not some huge cell 😛

  3. 3
    PB Says:

    Yup 24 hour total rainfall up to 6pm Wed. April 30.
    Still got my fingers crossed for a CB tonight, all week looks possible for them too.
    Didn’t get a real good one here till June 6 last year.

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