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May 26

Not a very nice weekend around these parts, cloudy and cold but a lot less wet than down south. We only gained another 4mm, bringing the event total to 38mm(1.5″).

Flood watches went out Sunday for a number of southern foothills rivers, but nothing much came of it and after a quick peak, levels are on the decrease, as shown by these graphs from EnviroCan’s Real time hydrometric data site.

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The forecast is for a gradual warmup over the next few days, back up to 20 by Wednesday. Westerly flow returns and some instability shows in the models for late Wednesday and Thursday, but the best chance for a storm seems to be in the Swan hills to Drayton Valley area. Would be nice if a sparker or two could roll off the foothills down here and get June off to a good start like they got in Manitoba last night.
A small supercell tracked east for few hours last night across extreme southern Manitoba and the first canuck tornado touchdown of the year was reported around 4:30pm by RCMP south of Morris. Also a report of an evening touchdown 10km NE of Gretna.

The ISS is back in view over Alberta until June 2nd-ish. Tomorrow night (Tuesday) it makes a 80°, almost directly overhead pass, rising at 10:49 almost due west, setting at 10:58 almost due east.

4 Responses to “May 26”

  1. 1
    Kenny Says:

    Tomorrow looks great! Sunday even better. Tomorrow Edmonton sits in the non-severe tstorm area, and sunday were in the severe area. Around 800 j/kg tomorrow for the evening. 1000+ j/kg (CAPE) for Sunday here and down south as far as Red deer. The Season is just starting here!

  2. 2
    Kenny Says:

    Looking at the models, today looks amazing! dew points at about 55F in the City of Edmonton. Temperature about 25 degrees celsius, -5 lift and 1300+ cape values! Can you say Severe Thunderstorms? I can, cause I really think there will be some bubbling up in the next few hours or so. I can see the tops of some of those cells to the west of me! Mike W. a friend in the south end of edmonton will be chasing anything that sparks up today hopefully. Keep an eye on the sky everyone!

  3. 3
    PB Says:

    Shouldn’t be anything severe today, maybe some hail?
    Nice to see some 30k foot tops lurking around.
    Not looking great around here atm but anything can happen 🙂

  4. 4
    Kenny Says:

    Yeah, not enough shear for anything severe. Still looks good though! Mike W. is out on the sell SW of Edmonton and phoned me back saying he was seeing a lot of CG strikes! I’m waiting for this line west of me to hit so I can see something.

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