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May 29

After two days of stiff and cool southeast wind, today was a stunner, with a light breeze from the west and 25C.
Towers began to rise in the west before noon, and by 2pm we had a little thundershower pass over. Nothing could get going very good today, everything around here was quite high based, if there even was a base. Lots of virga, a sprinkle here and there. A few puffed up a bit better closer to 6pm, and one west of Innisfail even looked like it picked up some spin as it crossed an outflow boundary moving SW, but nothing got much above 30k feet all day and by 9pm the skies were clear.

A brief look at the models suggested more of the same for tomorrow and Saturday, Sunday looks more interesting so far. Southwest upper flow and southeast surface winds with some better moisture all around. We shall see…

Ragged thuderstorm over the Red Deer River - May29,2008
Thunderstorm west of Innisfail, Alberta - May29,2008
Rainbow west of Penhold,AB - May29,2008

4 Responses to “May 29”

  1. 1
    Kenny Says:

    Hey PB. Mike W. our storm chaser for the site chased the little line of cells that hit wetaskiwin. Here’s his video.

    At about 10:30 there was a nice storm that exploded when the cap broke. It took on supercellular caracteristics pretty fast. I got video of it with some big flashes! I’ll upload those tomorrow.

  2. 2
    jon Says:

    hey pat!

    Great photo’s. I am really liking this site, i didn’t no one such as this existed in Alberta.
    I went after a few cells at around 1 or 2 the same day just west of Drayton. It was a great light show with lots of wind rain and a little hail (just peas). I was a little surprised i didn’t see some decent organized structure like in the second photo you have posted. Oh well maybe next time.

    again great stuff!

    ps:was there any rotation in that?

    cheers: Jon Beleshko

  3. 3
    PB Says:

    Hi Jon, thanks 🙂
    Are you from Drayton Valley? I may have to move up there if it’s going to continue to be the storm magnet that it’s been.
    There wasn’t much structure to anything this day, the lowering in the 2nd photo had a little bit of spin when the photo was taken, but it didn’t last long.

  4. 4
    jon Says:


    I am actually from west Edmonton, so it was a little bit of a trek with no major guarantee of some decent storm action. I know what you mean about Drayton Valley, every time there is word of some decent convection there is generally always something happening there. Last year on july 29th i managed to get some wicked meso/wall cloud photos just north east of Drayton valley. I will send them your way i think you might find them interesting.

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