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June 1

Thinking that something might boil up and roll out of the foothills this afternoon, we were out in Sundre by 2, wandering around between there and Rocky Mountain house. A few good sized cells did manage to fire up but sat way out in the sticks and refused to move east. We hung around south of Rocky waiting for one to move out, enjoying the occasional zot of lightning until 5 or so, then we threw up our hands and headed home. On the way back another cell formed just east of Sundre and slowly moved north, arriving here with a few bolts and rumbles around 8pm, then a nice soaking rain.
Didn’t have a chance to look at any models for tomorrow but EC has the lightning bolt up and saying 16c.

Dragonflies, Thunderheads, and Lilacs - June 1, 2008 in AlbertaDarkling shadows west of Innisfail,AB - June1,2008
Thunderstorm south of Sylvan Lake,AB - June1,2008First lightning display of 2008 west of Innisfail,AB - June1,2008
2007-2008 May home weather station results comparison

10 Responses to “June 1”

  1. 1
    PrairieChaser Says:

    Glad to see some shots of the storms in your area. I was SW of Sundre near Bergen waiting for the storms, but they never moved! Just sat there. Couldn’t bring myself to spend the gas (plus I had a time limit) to go anymore N. Today there is a chance of t-storms here in Calgary, but haven’t looked at the models yet today. Got the day off due to rain lastnight and this morning so maybe I’ll head out chasing again today.

  2. 2
    PB Says:

    Haha what time did you get to Bergen? Did you grab some world famous beef jerky?
    We were there at about 2:30 then bailed out and headed for Caroline

  3. 3
    PrairieChaser Says:

    I was there roughly an hour after that. I had no clue about the beef jerk, is it at that little gas station there? Went chasing today and got some good shots of a storm S of Springbank and another N of Cochrane. Some really big downpours, but no hail which I was surprised with. Hopefully I’ll get out tomorrow too! Great shots once again by the way.

  4. 4
    Anthony Says:

    The thunderstorms of yesterday just couldn’t quite get out here to Airdrie. Just 6 miles west I ran into the thunder and heavy rain, probably the one north of Cochrane P. Chaser referred to. I’m guessing they got 10 – 12 mm in about 15minutes as rain was very heavy, but confirming there was no hail. We had a puny 3 mm of light rain in Airdrie in the evening.

  5. 5
    Kenny Says:

    OOOH MY GOD! Haha is it ever storming here!!!! Major CG’s everywhere, LOUD LOUD thunder! This is so awesome!! I got some CG’s on film

  6. 6
    brandon Says:

    in guthrie, oklahoma in my hotel lobby…cought 3 supercells yesterday in kansas that had nice structure before they merged in with the huge squall line. a frustrating day considering we were under a high risk from the SPC. storm motions were 80-90 km/h so it was obviously tough to chase. seems everything lately has been turning into a squall/MCS. yesterday in kansas the cap held for us, and when we tried for a tail end charlie in nebraska, it died when we got to it. still a few days left, everyone is hoping for an isolated, discrete supercell…

  7. 7
    PB Says:

    I’ve been watching you guys on spotternetwork brandon. Been yelling at the screen a lot too, almost had to phone Laura and ask where the heck you guys were goin a few times 🙂
    Been pretty boring here. Lots of little thundernerds all over the place but the only good stuff has been out in the sticks west of Drayton up to Whitecourt.
    12:38pm – 10.3C bleh

  8. 8
    Kenny Says:

    Tornado Warnings were issued! First Tornado Warnings and Tornado touched down this afternoon on Highway 854 and 856. Radar indicated severe thunderstorms with hail and heavy downpours, also a report of a tornado touching down 5 miles east of Hielswich or something. This tornado lasted about 10 minutes, but was a nice treat to the day! Red deer, Panoka, innisfail, Westaskiwin, Camrose, Leduc all under Tornado Watches as of 8:20 PM MDT.

  9. 9
    PB Says:

    Sure didn’t look like much on radar
    Will have to watch for some news on twc or Edmonton locals
    Where did you hear that it was on the ground for 10 minutes?

  10. 10
    Kenny Says:

    I didn’t hear it was on the ground for 10 minutes. I’m just guessing by what the radar had indicated. showed signs of rotation from 7:00-7:10, and by the time it updated to 7:20 it had died. Global news is on right now and i’ll see what htey say.

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