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January 20

More nice weather around here since the last post, and despite seeing summer temperatures to the north and south, we have still not been above the freezing mark here.
The inversion that has been keeping the temps down here was obviously not present in Stavely, south of Calgary, they hit 20C(68F) yesterday and 15 today. Another hot spot has been Breton at 15 yesterday and 9 today. We made it to -3.9 yesterday and -1.8 today.
The inversion was still quite apparent yesterday, trapping a thick bank of smog up against the Rockies, not so much today, although there were a few little mirages in the distance during the fine sunset we were treated to this eve.
Although we have not been above zero, clear skies have allowed the sun to eat some of the snow around here, and there isn’t much in the way of replacement showing on the forecast models.
What started out looking like 5cm trailing the cold front tomorrow night, is now looking like 1cm. The chance of a sprinkle on Saturday also looks slim now, with the goods missing to the south. Bah!
The cold is still on schedule to start pushing down after dark, then deepening Thursday. Not seeing any -40’s in there for the weekend and it looks like a warmup is on the way for next week so it’s not that bad.
Ah well, it is January.. let’s get the cold over with so we don’t have to do it in April again.

Temperature inversion traps smog against the Rocky Mountains southwest of Red Deer,AB - Jan19/2009
Cirrus fibratus paint the skies of southwest Alberta - Jan.20/2009Jet contrail twisted into a helix - Jan.20/2009Blazing sunset over southwestern Alberta - Jan.20/2009
Cirrus enhanced sunset over southwestern Alberta - Jan.20/2009

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