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April 14

April is usually an interesting month, and this one is no exception.
After waiting patiently all weekend for some sort of convective entertainment, some finally arrived on Monday, but instead of a nice thunderhead or two, something that looked more like a tropical cyclone rolled past. A big soggy bomb from the west coast that pushed in Sunday night, starting Monday off with Ipod sized gobs of snow for a few hours, then a clearing and some vigorous cumulus tower building for a few hours, followed by another 12 hours of fairly steady snow last night and up to noon today.
Temperatures never got below zero here and for the most part the snow was melting as fast as it fell, only accumulating during the heavier bursts. The early hours of this morning was the thickest around here, everything but the driveway had near 10cm of cover by sunup. Roads were mostly wet or slushy for the morning commute and other than a few cars in the ditch there didn’t seem to be much trouble associated with this round of April goodies.
The sun got a chance to poke out later this afternoon along with +3 and 25-50km wind, there is not much white stuff left again.
We should be right back to dusty in a day, normal temps for the rest of the week and nothing real exciting showing until later next week, when the GFS model is hinting at another white event for Thursday.
Surely we won’t get away with just one in April this year? We are usually good for at least two.

Spring snow west of Red Deer, AB - April 14, 2009
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2 Responses to “April 14”

  1. 1
    Matt Johnson Says:

    Wow you sure did get more snow up there than here in Calgary. Ours melted away farely quickly in the morning but we sure had some wind too!

  2. 2
    PB Says:

    That wind was really the worst part of it.
    Hard to tell anything happened today, only a few little patches left.

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