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April 19

Not much to complain about since the last post, typical spring weather around here. Wind from the north, wind from the south, not real warm, mostly westerly flow keeping us dry and wavy. Plenty of mountain wave action going on for the past few days, a nice arch on the 17th, and some nifty rainbow laced lenticulars this afternoon stacking up on the edge of a big ridge of high pressure moving in.
This big ridge is forecast to crank up the temperatures over the next few days around here as it squashes across the norrtwestern states, EC is calling for 22C here by Tuesday. It will be interesting to see what they get to down south.
The big crash comes Wednesday as a low passes to the north and drops a cold front down across here sometime after noon. All the models have been flopping big time on this one, the timing, the precip amounts and locations, and the duration of the event.
The one area that has been forecast to get a foot of white stuff the whole time is west of here in the foothills. Yesterday, Calgary was also in line for 30cm of snow by Thursday night, now they are backing off a bit. This could wind up being a big snow event from Crowsnest to the Cypress hills, but it’s really going to have to go hard to accumulate after 3 days of 25C and sun on dry brown earth.
Not looking like we are going to get much more than wind here. And cold.
April 20 marked the return of winter last year.

Standing wave sunset over western Alberta - April 17, 2009
Ducks on a log - April 19, 2009Herd of Mule Deer find the only green grass in western Alberta - April 17, 2009Tundra swans - April 17, 2009Rough legged hawk - April 19, 2009
Iridescent clouds over western Alberta - April 19, 2009Iridescent clouds over western Alberta - April 19, 2009

8 Responses to “April 19”

  1. 1
    Brandon Says:

    The white stuff can stay to the west, I’ll take a nice dump of rain here in Red Deer after this ridge pulls away…

  2. 2
    anthony L Says:

    Lethbridge was a warm windy 20C when I left yesterday afternoon and lots of green grass, but nothing leafed out yet. By the time I got home it was a cloudy 14C. They are showing some good moisture for Calgary from Wed nite until Saturday. But extreme south AB shows moisture for 5-days of varying degrees. Thats GFS I looked at. This is the time of year the south end picks up most of the moisture.

  3. 3
    Dann Cianca Says:

    Nice iridescence, Boomer!

  4. 4
    Brandon Says:

    What a change in the weather today into tomorrow…gotta love that jerk of a northwest wind! Beauty of a sunset too, Pat. Was that from the corner of 781 and 53?

  5. 5
    Pat Boomer Says:

    It’s a beautiful thing to watch develop on the IR loop.
    Lots of wave action happening today, real nice standing wave off the Cascades in BC too.
    Looks like the big dump for the south has moved into Montana now? Still some good amounts for the mountains and Waterton.
    I hope it’s all wrong I’d like some more big fluffy before it’s all done with.

    Thanks Dan, the best rainbows definitely hang out in the waves. Lucky us!
    That was some kinda snow event you guys got down there wow!
    I just saw some of Verne Carlson’s photos of the FOUR FEET of white stuff they got to the west. Awesome!

    Brandon do you think EC is being a bit conservative with the temps for the next few days? 🙂 That pano was from our road just to the north a few hundred yards.
    I was just thinking the other day that is had been a while since we had a nice wave set up for sundown.

  6. 6
    Matt Johnson Says:

    Snowing here for about a 1/2 hour now. Nothing sticking though. Ground temps are still pretty warm so snow should start sticking til later tonight. Roads are getting pretty wet too.

  7. 7
    Amelia Jensen Says:

    Great sunset shot Pat. Love the perspective and the stretched look. Neat stuff. Are you selling your photographs or just enjoying it for fun sake?

  8. 8
    PB Says:

    Hi Amelia, thanks 🙂
    Everything is for sale, prints or stock, it’s great fun too!
    Still seeing things we have never seen, I hope that never ends.

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