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July 26

Not here, but everywhere else. For the 23rd, 24th and 25th, daytime high temperatures had been holding right at or above the 30C mark over a good portion of the province, but we have yet to see 30 in our yard, just making it to 29, which is fine by me. Tomorrow will be the three week mark since we have had any rain here and everything really needs a drink. The wheat, barley and canola crops around here that made such a remarkable recovery before heading out, are starting to burn. Walking on our grass feels like walking across it on a frosty December morning – crunchy. It’s dry around here.

Water holes everywhere have been filled to the brim with sweaty humans looking to cool off. We took a little tour around up north of here again yesterday, looking for hot spots and maybe even a cloud. We stayed west of the QE2 and everything north of about Ponoka was a hot spot, 30 all the way and 31 closer to #16. Not much in the way of clouds but we did see a lot of people trying to beat the heat.
We wound up at Lake Wabamun west of Edmonton and stopped in to see what it looked like after not seeing it for 35 or so years, only to find it completely plugged with people and closed off, a neverending stream of people from the big city behind us hoping to get in for a dip. Nope!
We went around the south end of the lake past the strip mines and coal fired power plants lining the shore that keep our beers cold, in and out of Seba beach and back along the north side, stopping in along the way to see the big dragonfly at Wabamun.
By this time there were a few decent looking cells starting up to the north of Edmonton which I thought may be the expected cool front, but nothing could get going while we were up there so we grabbed an ice cream and headed back south. Devon, southwest of Edmonton, had a heckuva cooloff party going on in the North Saskatchewan River when we went sailing past around 5, thousands of people and vehicles and dogs and who knows what else in there enjoying a fine summer day.
We took the west side of Pigeon Lake a couple weeks ago, so this time we came back down the east side, and I was a bit disappointed I had not been to Mulhurst Bay before, nice!

We pulled in around 9pm, and by then the radar was starting to light up to the northwest, but it would take FOREVER for the storms to the northwest to get close enough for a photo.
I should have gone to bed at 9:30, but 48,000 foot echotops out there kept me up waiting for some goodies, and there it was, 3am in Sylvan Lake with the wind blasting and.. lightning!
I don’t do the tripod in the electrical storm thing, so the 40+kmh gusty winds that came with the cool front were not helping matters – rocking the car, with the camera mounted to it, just enough to wreck most of the photos. Got a bit of a fix anyway.

Lightning north of Sylvan Lake,AB - July 26, 2009Thunderstorm north of Sylvan Lake,AB - July 26, 2009
Finally getting some hay off west of Innisfail,AB - July 22, 2009Sunset thunderhead too far west - July 22, 2009Jungle farm strawberry patch north of Innisfail,ABChoking on dust southwest of Red Deer,AB
Iridescent cloud - July 26, 2009Dragonflies patrol the shoreline for mosquitoes, July 23, 2009A butterfly flutters by, July 26, 2009Waterskiiers on Sylvan Lake, July 24, 2009
Mulhurst Bay on Pigeon Lake, AB - July 24, 2009Wind and coal power on Lake Wabamun, AB - July 25, 2009Coal mining at the Genessee power plant southwest of Edmonton, AB - July 25, 2009Cooling off of the masses in the North Saskatchwean River west of Devon, AB - July 25, 2009

3 Responses to “July 26”

  1. 1
    Dann Cianca Says:

    Beautiful lightning, Boomer. Sounds like a fantastic summer day!

  2. 2
    Matt Johnson Says:

    Wow, everytime i leave Alberta I miss severe weather. Last year I missed the Airdrie tornado as I was in Alaska. And I just get back from Montana yesterday and missed the Camrose storm.
    Luckily Mother Nature felt bad and gave me that early morning Derecho. Wow, what a storm!!!!!

  3. 3
    PB Says:

    Hey Matt was wondering where you had wandered off to 🙂
    It’s been an interesting weekend for sure, that was quite the line last night, we just missed the north end of it here.
    Heading off to Caroline to see what happened out there.

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