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October 1

Time for some winter weather already, in the hills anyway.
After a cool and windy week, 100+kmh gusts on Monday and -5C for a low this morning, snow is starting in the Rockies already. A good setup for some white stuff to the west, easterly winds pushing up the hills and very cold air moving in from the west, but how much and where?
The latest run of the WRF-CAN shows it piling up from Grande Cache down to Nordegg tomorrow night then spreading south for Saturday. Hoping for some sort of moisture around here to knock down the dust, something white would be fun but not counting on it, the models are holding all the precip up against the mountains, only hinting at a trace for here. Anomaly please.
Could be interesting in Calgary Sunday night if the frosty temps get out that far.

Today was the nicest of the week so I took a run out west to see how the colors are coming along in the Sundre area before the nasty stuff arrives. After one gets past the insane hail swath between Olds and Sundre and you get out in the hills, most of the leaves are intact and still green! Things are very late turning this year, by this time everything is usually in full show mode, most of the usual fave foliage spots are not even close yet.

Autumn color near Bearberry,AB - Oct.1, 2009
Canada Geese along the Red Deer River - Oct.1, 2009Autumn color along the Red Deer River north of Sundre- Oct.1, 2009Autumn color in the Alberta foothills - Oct.1, 2009
Mostly green Alberta foothills - Oct.1, 2009Home weather station wind readings Sept. 26-30, 2009Mostly green Alberta foothills - Oct.1, 2009 - Oct.1, 2009

9 Responses to “October 1”

  1. 1
    anthony L Says:

    should be interesting were that snow does spread out to. The special weather statement is calling for possible 10cm for Calgary and closer to 20cm farther west from Kananaskis up to Grand Cache. If we see 10 cm well be lucky to see 3-5cm accum on the grass, since it was 90F last week.

  2. 2
    Brandon Says:

    There is snow in the hills and mountain peaks west of Burmis. (Crowsnest Pass area) There was a rain/snow mix falling at my jobsite on Wednesday, with snow falling and sticking up high into the hills. It will be indeed interesting to see what happens here with this system and how far east the white stuff makes it. I took a cruise out west on Monday looking for fall color, and it looks like I made it further west than you Pat, and found about the same in terms of color! Green is still dominating.

  3. 3
    PB Says:

    Bring on the thundersnow 🙂
    Would be cool to wake up to a white landscape Sunday morning.
    Maybe a good shot of winter will get the colors going out west. Hope so!
    AMA needs some webcams out on the trunk road.

  4. 4
    anthony L Says:

    the snowfall is limited to a narrow band in the foothills right up close to the Rockies. Along the Livinstone Range on 22 south there appears to be a couple inches on the ground, and the Jasper Park Gate has on large accumulation on the ground there. Just not enough coverage with AMA Cameras and to top it off the XSM Radar is down !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 5
    Matt Johnson Says:

    Had a few flurries roll through this afternoon, but no precip since. Skies are still dark in the area but nothing wants to fall from them. Figures Strathmore’s radar is out during a storm. Oh well it will make it a surprise I guess.

    A week today until we move to Sylvan Lake!!!!

  6. 6
    anthony L Says:

    Matt – Lucky guy—Sylvan Lake, perhaps a bit touristy but beautiful and always getting a storm at one time or another.

  7. 7
    anthony L Says:

    close to 5cm on grassy areas this morning but none on warm surfaces. Prettey late for the first snow.

  8. 8
    PB Says:

    Nothin on the ground here this morning 🙁

    You should enjoy Sylvan, Matt. I grew up there and can see the lights of the Wal-Mart from here, unfortunately.

  9. 9
    Matt Johnson Says:

    Thats wild I’ll be seeing the lights too. Our house is in the new subdivision right be side the Wal-Mart. Hopefully not much tourist in that area!

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