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November 2

November arrives and so does the sun, finally!
October was a complete writeoff in my books, a month I’d like to forget, there are very few photos to remember it by. 90+% overcast and far below average in the temperature department, it seemed like the whole month was spent indoors staying out of the endless cold wind. The snow has been gone here for weeks, other than the occasional dusting that didn’t last more than a few hours, we have picked up 15mm or so of moisture since the last post. To the south and west there have been a few better shots of the white stuff but still nothing large.

November has started off on the right track, two days of sun back to back is something we haven’t seen in a while, more sun this week and back to normal temps for this time of year. Tonight was the first time the full moon has not been clouded out since July, things are looking up! Now how about a nice standing wave or two…

James river north of Sundre - Oct.15, 2009
October convection - Oct.15, 2009October 2006-2009 comparisonBeaver moon - Nov.2, 2009
Virgapuffs over the Red Deer river - Nov.1, 2009

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