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February 28 – Snow Moon

Another month of winter flies past without much to remember but the fog. March is set to stroll in like a lamb, with temperatures reaching for 10C this coming week and no moisture to be seen.
The snow is slowly fading away here, still enough left to get out for a few laps on the sleds over the weekend, but things will likely look a lot less white by the end of the week. With less than 3 weeks of official winter left, it looks like its over. No arctic intrusions showing out to day 10, yet, and no precip either.

More fog than not again this week, and a real nice rime show this morning, stuck on from the west side this time, hardly lasting long enough for the sun to get past high noon and light it up before it all went away. The fog/smog inversion layer stuck around all day then thickened up at sunset, which made for an interesting Snow moonrise this eve. Deep red as it came over the horizon and distorted by the inversion, the moon shifted to bright orange before hiding behind the clouds. Bright enough to read a book out there tonight!

Full snow moon rises over Horn hill south of Red Deer,AB - Feb.28, 2010
Full snow moon turns night to day - Mar.1, 2010Half moon peeks thru the spruce tree - Feb.23, 2010Full snow moon turns night to day - Mar.1, 2010
Frosted chrome - Feb,28, 2010Rime bush - Feb.28, 2010Jack Frost was here - Feb.28, 2010
Frosted landscape southwest of Red Deer,AB - Feb.28, 2010Snowmobilers enjoying the last bits of snow - Feb.28, 2010Frosty farm scene south of red Deer,AB - Feb.28, 2010

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