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July 28 – World record sized hail in South Dakota

1.8 pound, 8inch diametere hailstone from Vivian,SD July 23, 2010

It’s rare that the blog strays too far off the Alberta foothills, but living in the middle of hail alley makes events like this yell out. Football sized hail? No thanks!
Vivan, South Dakota took a wicked beating on July 23 when hail up to 1.8 POUNDS(816g) – 8inches(20cm) in diameter – 18.5inch(47cm) circumference, started raining from the sky. It punched multiple holes straight through roofs and ceilings, left coffee can sized craters in the ground. Sitting in a car was not a safe place to be. At least 5 people were injured on the interstate from hail smashing through windshields.
From link#2… “There was lots bigger ones than the one I got,” he said. “My mother seen one as big as a football, she claims.”
(Link1) (Link2) (Link3) (Link4) (Link5)

Another hail story caught my eye today. A hutterite colony in southern Manitoba near Elie was hit by a hailstorm on Monday the 26th that killed hundreds of the geese they raise as livestock. (Link)
That led to some googling which led to a story about Saskatchewan’s insurance taking a $65 million hit from all the storms they have had, and that figure doesn’t count the North Battleford flooding or the Radville golfballing. (Link)

Still waiting for the grand total from Calgary’s July 12 hailstorm, but it promises to be a large tab.
“TD Insurance has been flooded with more than 9,000 calls.
“We’re probably breaking records in terms of a hailstorm for Alberta,” said vice-president and chief underwriter Henry Blumenthal.”(Link)
The University of Calgary estimates $100,000 damage just to the greenouse.(Link)(Video)

The first week of August has traditionally been a bad week around here for nasty, ugly storms.
Last year was the Big Valley Jamboree catastrophe and the brutal hailstorm that tore through Sundre and Carstairs. (Link) (Link)
2006 had the wicked one that mowed through Spruceview, Markerville, our yard and Springbrook. (Link)
Then there was August 2, 2002.

August snow west of Red Deer, Alberta - Aug2, 2002August snow west of Red Deer, Alberta - Aug2, 2002

One Response to “July 28 – World record sized hail in South Dakota”

  1. 1
    Colin McIntyre Says:

    The largest hail i have ever seen was at Olds College august
    1992.Golf balls but no thunder thought it was strange.We
    had baseball during the 87 Edmonton tornado but i was in
    the NW side of the City.
    Colin McIntyre
    Victoria BC

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