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March 3 – Southwestern Alberta – Gain 20C, lose 20C, in an hour.

Some crazy temperature swings over a short period of time in the southwest corner of Alberta this morning.
A sharp little lee trough set up by some warm southwest winds was wavering over the Banff to Cardston area early this morning, and along came a cold front from the north. The cold north wind wiped away the warmth of the downsloping winds at the edge of the Rockies, but not for long.
Waterton gate dropped 16C(29F) from 8-10 am in the NW wind, then gained 18C(39F) between 11 and noon when the SW flow returned.
Cardston took a 20C(36F) drop in an hour or less between 5 and 6am then a much more gradual return to zero as the wave built back in.
Nothing terribly unusual for down there, but still amazing to me.

Big temperature swings in Southern Alberta - March 3, 2011

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