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October in Ontario

I finally got a chance to absorb some of the fantastic fall color of southwestern Ontario on a trip to visit family in Woodstock. Too bad the weather would not cooperate.
5 minutes of sun in 5 days put the boots to any good photo ops, but the prospect of catching a few morning rays on the amazing bouquet of color in Oxford county had me out trolling every day before sunup, waiting for it.
The wind and grey skies didn’t hinder the sightseeing, a trip to Niagara Falls, a stop at the locks on the Welland Canal, and many miles crawling along muddy back roads lined with gorgeous old farms. Instead of barley beards and canola as far as the eye can see, the countryside is dominated by corn, soybeans, ginseng and tobacco. And trees, lots of trees everywhere, in large woodlots full of wildlife and fall color.
I could have spent weeks just driving around looking at the farmland, it really is a beautiful area. Woodstock itself is an amazing place to look around, I spent quite a few hours cruising the backstreets past beautifully preserved old houses and giant old churches on every third corner.
Not a lot of photos were taken, what did rate a click was usually a quick snap in the rain and a few were through the windshield. Might have to try again next October.

Autumn morning in Oxford county, Ontario - October 13, 2011Fall colors on Mill Pond in Otterville, Ontario - October 13, 2011Fall color north of Springford, Ontario - October 13, 2011
Fall color north of Springford, Ontario - October 13, 2011Niagara Falls, Ontario - October 14, 2011Autumn in the countryside near Woodstock, Ontario - October 15, 2011
Autumn in the countryside near Tavistock, Ontario - October 15, 2011Fall colors in Woodstock, Ontario - October 16, 2011Autumn in Woodstock, Ontario - October 16, 2011
Autumn in the countryside near London, Ontario - October 16, 2011Fall colors in Woodstock, Ontario - October 16, 2011Maple tree changing color near London, Ontario - October 16, 2011

4 Responses to “October in Ontario”

  1. 1
    red Says:

    Great color shots. One of these days I’m going to have tour Ontario in the fall and take in all the color.

  2. 2
    anthony L Says:

    Ahhh maples and oaks. If only we could have some color out here! Wow down east they have really been getting the weather. This fall has been nice, but so dead ( weatherwise that is )Still no sign of serious cold weather. Wonder if some of the weather progs will be amended in a months or so if weathers still mild??

  3. 3
    Pat Boomer Says:

    Thanks Red, first week of October seems to be the time to go, it was hot a few days before I got there. So much to see.

    Anthony I got a bad feeling about this winter. First week of November is wavering on the long range… brrr I wish it was May instead.

  4. 4
    Brandon Says:

    I am hoping for a few wave chases soon!

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