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December 9 – Which way to the moon?

Nothing much to complain about for the first week of December.
A bit of snow, a shot of cold, a few shots of warm. Not bad.
Still nothing scary showing on the long range forecast, which is starting to reach into the holidays already.

It’s off to the sack early tonight in the hopes of finding clear skies for the lunar eclipse tomorrow morning. Trying to figure out where to park for this one has been a real noodle scratcher.
Total eclipse begins at 7:06 am when the moon is only 10° (a fist at armlength) above the horizon.
When it ends at 7:57 the moon is only 4° above horizon. The next issue is the angle of the dangle.
Sinking to the northwest, the moon will be at 292° when the eclipse starts and 300° when it ends.
Using The Photographer’s Ephemeris to help has only filled my mind with thoughts of locations that won’t work and now I’m more confused than ever. Thoughts of trolling the mountains in the moonlight are starting to fade… where to go?
Wherever the clouds aren’t I suppose.

Lunar Eclipse info from Shadow and Substance

IR Loop Dec. 4-6 (8mb)

Horses enjoying a mild December afternoon west of Innisfail, AB - Dec.9, 2011Moon angle as eclipse starts Dec. 10, 2011Lonely leaf in a drift - Dec.9, 2011

2 Responses to “December 9 – Which way to the moon?”

  1. 1
    Brandon Says:

    I like the horse photo Pat, very cool. Where have all the big waves gone!?

  2. 2
    Pat Boomer Says:

    Thanks Brandon
    Lots of waves but no real classic ones here yet. Sky has been so hazy the past couple months, should have been some nice optics by now too but the haze is killing them.
    Should get a few over the next couple days from that crazy thing to the north.

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