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December 10 Lunar Eclipse

The last total eclipse until April 2014 was a bit of a disappointment, all my own fault. Too much satellite watching, not enough “get atter”.
A lee trough was already building along the foothills at nap time, it looked like there may be some high cloud on the other side of the mountains and the chance of some light wave cloud along the hills on this side for the morning.
A few hours later at getup time the IR was showing even more waving along the hills but a break west of here.
We decided to try and find something local for a backdrop for a few shots but came up completely blank and wound up stopping in a few random places just to get a tele shot. Mid eclipse the moon started to fade behind a invisible sheath of high cloud far to the northwest. Got to watch the rest of it on the Calgary news, they had a clear view of the whole thing.
I think I’ll start planning now for the upcoming ‘tetrad’, four total eclipses in a row, in just two years.
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Southwestern Alberta Lunar eclipse December 10, 2011

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    Red Says:

    What I saw in Red deer was clear and bright. Shortly before it started coming back it went behind trees.

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