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29 Jun

June 29

A cold front moved in from the SW later this evening so I went out to see if I could get a few lightning shots. Soon as I set up, the wind picked up and made it tricky to get a stable shot. The rain followed soon after.

27 Jun

June 27

This was the only excitement today. What a strange puffy it was. It was about the only cloud in the sky and it just sat there producing mammatus from thin air while a jetstream kept blowing it’s top off. It sat there for over an hour before dissolving.

26 Jun

June 26

Not much happened today, was expecting a bit more of a reaction to the front moving across today, but we did get a bit of a shelf cloud so I guess I can’t say it was a complete wash.

25 Jun

June 25

An interesting day today. We had some early convection that petered out before it could amount to much. There was a nice trough coming across the mountains from the SW, so we headed down the Sundre way to see if anything would develop. Nothing really developed but a wet thunderstorm. This shot is looking SW […]

22 Jun

June 22

One cell passed by today, the only one in the province I think. It didn’t have a lot of snap to it, but it sure tried to get going. It had a small wall cloud for a few minutes but didn’t look like it was capable of doing any better so I sat on the […]

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