Alberta Foothills Weather

July 24

Started the day off with an early AM light show. Nice!
Good way to start a day that has been forecast to be stormy.

A nice big cell was moving almost due east from Rocky Mountain House towards Red Deer, so I waited for B to get home and we headed off to Sylvan Lake to observe.

It already had a funnel sticking out the bottom.

10 minutes later we were on the SW side of Sylvan lake watching a huge inflow band feeding the machine.

I was sure we were going to see at least a funnel, either right over Sylvan Lake, or just east. Lots of spinning and lifting going on at the back.

We moved east with it until we were a few km east of Sylvan then parked and watched for a while. Violent rolling and vertical motion going on but no funnels.

As the storm moved east, the backside became visible

These were the most vivid cumulonimbus clouds I have ever seen. The contrast and definition in the structure was stunning! Had to put sunglasses on to look at them.
Followed the storm in to Red Deer where it passed just north and started to die, calving a gust front and kicking up a nice dust storm for the city.

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