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July 29

Wow did I blow it today! Procrastination at it’s worst.
Secret weather forecast said Drayton Valley/Edson/Whitecourt were going to get it good. I got a tip that things were going to erupt right here, so I got tied up with something else for the afternoon, after nearly leaving for Drayton shortly after noon.
Looked at the radar around 6 and nearly fell over. Supercells all over the place to the northwest with one big juicy one right over Drayton Valley!. It was a bit late to go all the way up there so we just went for a spin north of Sylvan Lake to see the towers. Should have went a bit further for sure as some excellent wall cloud photos were taken near Hoadley, just north of our shots by 20km, and east of Drayton Valley. There are some beautiful photos of this storm in this thread over at

6 Responses to “July 29”

  1. 1
    brandon Says:

    you should have been there PB! =]

  2. 2
    Pat Boomer Says:

    I sure should have.
    Do you have your photos of this night up on the web somewhere?

  3. 3
    brandon Says:

    i do…on facebook.

  4. 4
    Pat Boomer Says:

    Do you have a link to that?
    I tried to find it on facebook but had no luck

  5. 5
    brandon Says:

    do you have a facebook account?

  6. 6
    PB Says:

    Yep I signed up for one so I could see your pics, but couldn’t find you in there.

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