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28 Nov

November 28

Thrillions of tons of water vapor poured across the Rockies over the past few days… we got about 3 pounds of it here in the form of snow dust. Not even really a flake anywhere, just 2cm of powder, but at least enough to cover the lawn. Looking at EC’s snow cover map, Hinton has […]

26 Nov

November 25

The periods of snow we were forecast to get this weekend evaporated and we got nothing. A big high sliding down from the north pushed a cold front across here this afternoon, which is slated to hold it’s ground against the mountains tomorrow as a huge trough piles in from the coast. Models seem to […]

23 Nov

November 23

Stagnant weather here since the last post. We have had a big high sitting just over the mountains to the west keeping all the interesting stuff off to the northeast. Normal temps, +2/-12 with light winds and a few wispy clouds here and there. The snow we were lined up for on the weekend looks […]

21 Nov

November 21

After another warm week of +10 temps and spring clouds, normal temps have returned as we now sit under high pressure and severe clear skies . Yesterday was the first day of November with a daily high below zero, at -1C. We hit -16 at sunrise this morning, our coldest temp since April 4. Things […]

17 Nov

November 17

Still brown. The jet stream has been lazily passing weak ridges and troughs along a fairly flat path for weeks now, resulting in quite boring but warm weather. We have not yet had a daily high below zero in November and it hasn’t been below -7 for 2 weeks. This week passed by with waves […]

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