Alberta Foothills Weather

December 4

More crazy temperatures along the southern foothills of Alberta.
7pm… -15C
8pm… +5
2am… +8
3am… -15

Bow Valley:
8pm… -11
9pm… 0
3am… +3
4am… -16

At 11am , Banff is at +2, while ~20 miles east in Bow valley, it is – 13.
Crowsnest at +9 , 30 miles east in Pincher Creek.. -10
Waterton park gate +10.. Cardston, 25 miles east, -6

A bit of a sad, non foothills news.
On the Pacific coast of Washington and Oregon, the same storm that’s giving us the crazy numbers produced wind gusts up to 129mph(208km/h) over the weekend, flooding roads and causing plenty of wind damage.
On Sunday Dec.2, the Klootchy Creek Giant, a 208 foot tall Sitka spruce which was considered the biggest in the USA, snapped off in the high winds. We paid a visit to the ~700 year old behemoth in June of 2006 on our way to the coast from Portland, I’m really glad we did. Not much you can say about it other than it was very humbling to stand there looking at and touching something that has been alive for more than seven centuries. From what I’ve read as I look for a photo of the aftermath, lots of folks who live down there have passed by many times without stopping to partake, and now it’s too late.
The old beastie had been struck by lightning 40 years ago(2nd pic) leaving a huge scar 70 feet up the tree, and that’s where it snapped off apparently. It had been damaged by the windstorm in December of 2006, and the county erected a barrier around the tree after that to keep folks at a safe distance, wary it could come down at any time.

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