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12 Dec

December 12

Another week of less than exciting weather here. One depression after another rolls down from the Gulf of Alaska in a neverending northwesterly flow, lifting all the goodies right over our heads and off to the east. Folks to the north have been getting a regular sprinkling of snow this week, but we have gotten […]

06 Dec

December 6

Nothing very exciting here since the last post. We picked up 2cm of the white stuff yesterday morning, and things warmed up nicely this afternoon, almost hitting zero here. Still not enough snow to break out the cats for a test spin, and it doesn’t look like we will be getting much more in the […]

04 Dec

December 4

More crazy temperatures along the southern foothills of Alberta. Claresholm: 7pm… -15C 8pm… +5 2am… +8 3am… -15 Bow Valley: 8pm… -11 9pm… 0 3am… +3 4am… -16 At 11am , Banff is at +2, while ~20 miles east in Bow valley, it is – 13. Crowsnest at +9 , 30 miles east in Pincher […]

03 Dec

December 3

So much for the wee warmup I was hoping for today. The cold air refuses to give way to the warm push from BC and all the goodies are coasting up and over the arctic dome we are sitting under. Heavy snow out in the mountains, with Banff considering shutting the town down under the […]

02 Dec

December 2

Brr! It’s been cold and uneventful here since the last post. Last night we hit – 23 with a windchill of -32, the night before was -24 , the coldest we have been since Feb. 14. Edmonton Intl. Airport hit -29 with windchills of -37 last night. I threw crude chart together comparing this November […]

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