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29 Jan

January 29

Monday was very cold. Not much else one can say about it. We didn’t get above -30(-22F) and the windchill stayed below -40 most of the day. It was a nice day to stay in the house, a venture outside after noon for a look around lasted about 4 minutes. The wicked north wind finally […]

27 Jan

January 27

The wind arrived at 7am this morning along with a 5C bump in temperature, which has long gone by now. A blizzard warning was issued for southeast Alberta this morning, and windchill warnings for most of the rest of the province. We have had near whiteout conditions here since 11 am, with snow and blowing […]

27 Jan

January 26

A winter storm watch has been out all day for the arrival of tomorrow’s nasty weather. The NavCan forecast says the front will arrive here at 5am with 65km/h north winds and snow, clearing around noon, then blowing snow. The EC weather watch says it will arrive tomorrow night. The temps have dropped and winds […]

25 Jan

January 25

Freezing fog rolled in last night after dark and is still lingering in a few places as I type. It wasn’t really sticking to anything until a gentle south breeze picked up before midnight for about 6 hours, leaving a frosty wonderland this morning. It cleared out for a while this afternoon, just enough for […]

22 Jan

January 22

Since the last post, we hit -25.6C yesterday morning at 8:06 then warmed up almost to zero in 4 hours as warm air swept down from the Arctic ocean. Crazy stuff. Today we had a snow eating breeze blowing all day from the north again and just scraped above zero for an hour or so […]

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