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February 13

So close, yet so far…

The goods rolled into central Alberta yesterday as expected, heavy snowfall warnings went out before noon for the Drayton valley – Whitecourt – Smoky Lake – Stettler – Red Deer oval. Initially firing up in the Swan hills, the snow drifted south over Edmonton and things were looking promising around here, then it jumped over us and started up again in the Calgary area, where it wasn’t expected. Reports of up to 25 cm 100 miles south of here and the heavy snowfall warning, south of Calgary which got 10-15cm also. Watching the radar, it looked like the foothills west of here got a good dump too.

We got 5cm here. Pretty frustrating to see it that close and get scotched yet again, but it was the perfect amount for shoveling. Wind has been blowing here and there, but at temps above or close to freezing, it doesn’t seem to matter.
Another little dusting arrived this afternoon, about a cm, and at 3C was almost rain.

Nothing big showing on the forecast models for the next week, other than a fairly stiff northwest wind setting up for Saturday. It looks like above normal temps for the next 9 days, but will we get more snow? The precip forecasts are all over the place, lots of moisture is pouring in from BC until Sunday so anything could happen.

Hoping to get out to the foothills for a snow cruise in the pines this weekend!

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2 Responses to “February 13”

  1. 1
    Anthony Lowry Says:

    Hey Pat

    Love the website. LOved watching our “Beloved Bill” Matheson you had listed on your site. I just picked up on you thru Bretts Accu weather site. My names Anthony and I live in Airdrie. I’d love to know how you get those maps (GF) or whatever they are that forecast precipation, etc. I am so darn envious of those turkeys down east with their 30 cm of snow a week. It’s been a dismal winter in Airdrie with never more than 4 or 5 inches on the ground. Just no snow this winter, and the next 10 days look grim witha big warm up. Are you in the Penhold / Innisfail area??

    I can be reached at Look forward to hearing from you. T.C

  2. 2
    PB Says:

    Hi Anthony
    You can check out the models on the College of Dupage site:

    Egads the snow is disappearing out there today!

    Yes, we are out by Markerville, almost due south of Sylvan lake and west of Penhold.

    Feel free to drop in anytime and let us know how things are down there.

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