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28 Jul

July 27

Been very busy with non weather related stuff since the last post, so it was nice of Ma nature to hold off on the nasty weather over the past week while that was going on. Yesterday we were parked out south of Caroline early in the afternoon watching storms wind up in the foothills and […]

18 Jul

July 17

Headed west again today to meet some nice cells firing up in the foothills. I was parked just east of hwy#22 south of Caroline watching a nice storm get going when Brandon pulled up, so we sat and watched it churn over the same spot for an hour before merging with another cell developing to […]

17 Jul

July 16

Relatively peaceful around the immediate area for the last two days. Even though yesterday was a chilly one by July standards, not even approaching 20C, things were still active in the foothills and it was enough to get me out for a spin to watch what turned out to be nothing but pretty clouds. Heard […]

14 Jul

July 13

Our turn for hail today… We were out west early this afternoon waiting for the goodies to roll out of the foothills, milling about the Caroline area for a while, then up to Rocky Mountain House by 4 to meet a big dark storm just crossing hwy#22. It tried to get organized all the way […]

10 Jul

July 10

Despite being under a tornado watch for the afternoon, and a a brief flareup of pretty clouds, today was quiet and cool around here, all the action was way down southeast. Yesterday was not quiet. I spent the afternoon trolling the foothills, waiting for something to fire up. Out to James River bridge,nothing. Out to […]

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