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25 Aug

August 24

17mm of rain Thursday was followed by another ridge of high pressure and heat above that cleared things out for a nice weekend around these parts. This afternoon a lee trough formed up over the foothills, creating a wave cloud that parked overhead till after dark, but gave a nice display of mammatus at sunset.

21 Aug

August 20

Where’s the fire? We headed out west around 6 to check out a persistent cell that had been boiling away just south of Rocky for most of the afternoon. Not much could be seen through a thickening haze of smoke, we thought perhaps this storm had lit off a new fire out west, but it […]

18 Aug

August 18

A big ridge of high pressure and toasty warm temperatures in the upper levels have been squashing any chance of convective goodies and building up the heat around here since the last post. A few small but electrically active storms rumbled around to the north and south us last night, a few more fired up […]

10 Aug

August 9

Servere thunderstorm watches went up today before noon from Waterton park to Ponoka, and around 6pm this thing rolled out of the foothills. Nothing but some wind and a bit of rain, a few hail bits but not enough to mix a drink. There was plenty of ice laying around Red Deer after the nasty […]

09 Aug

August 8 – encore

Shortly after Environment Canada updated their forecast for the evening from “chance of thunderstorms” to “clear”, some serious action began in the mountains west of Sundre and slowly moved out to the east. The first big cell died down just north of Sundre, but cleared the way for the next batch coming across. Electrical mayhem […]

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