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30 Oct

October 29

We didn’t quite make it to 20C, but close enough for me. Yesterday was a fabulous day, another chinook arch stretched out across the Rockies, no wind, and a stunning sunset to end it. With the desert dry conditions and lack of wind, farmers seized the change to light off stubble and busted bales all […]

27 Oct

October 26

OK that’s enough wind for a while. Saturday turned out to be one of the bigger blusters of the year around these parts, a steady push from the northwest with constant pulsing gusts of 60-80kmh, spiking to 100km/h and above. Not a nice day in the neigborhood. Today was better wind-wise, but darn chilly. A […]

25 Oct

October 24

The fall blow has been on since the last post, and not much else. blah. A few breaks here and there from the wind, normal temps for most of it with a few days of warm chinooks blowing in from the west. Very dusty and brown around here now. More wind in store for the […]

15 Oct

October 14

The past week has been a bit of a wakeup around here. Last night made for a full week of below zero temps overnight, we’ve been down to -8.5C already. Daily highs well below normal, with a short trip to 14 a few days ago, but back to 6 today. Brrr. Most of the nice […]

08 Oct

October 6

Into the dinge we go..the dusty, leafless, color reduced boring stretch between warm green and cold white. Our nice weather was shoved off Saturday afternoon by a big low pushing in from BC, but other than a few drops of rain and a bit of wind, nothing much of interest. We did manage to get […]

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