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October 14

The past week has been a bit of a wakeup around here.
Last night made for a full week of below zero temps overnight, we’ve been down to -8.5C already. Daily highs well below normal, with a short trip to 14 a few days ago, but back to 6 today. Brrr.
Most of the nice fall colors have disappeared since the last post. We went for a little jaunt out west today to see what was left, the only color we could find was in the Tamaracks along the moose highways. Everything else has been blown bare from the rather nasty winds we’ve had the past few days.
We picked up about 6mm of rain last night, 20 miles west it was snow. We didn’t get out till after noon and there was still snow in the shadows, maybe 5cm in places after you got west of Raven.
The majority of the farming appears to be done from what we saw, a bit of canola still laying around, but most of the fields are cleaned up and ready for a blanket.
I’m almost ready for some white stuff too.

Hunter's moon rises over the hills east of Red Deer, AB - Oct.14, 2008
1st snow sighting of 2008, SE of Caroline, AB - Oct.14, 2008Tamarack trees add some wetlands color north of Sundre, AB - Oct.14, 2008Happy cows, foothills, and the front range of the Rockies, from north of Sundre, AB - Oct.14, 2008Canada geese gather up for the trip south in the light of the Hunter's moon, AB - Oct.14, 2008
A very cold looking Gleniffer Lake - Oct.14, 2008

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